Orient Beach Vacation Snaps

It’s that time of the year when you’re thinking about a vacation, and beach vacations are always an excellent choice. But if you’re more open-minded and prefer to experience a different kind of beach vacation, or whether you’re already accustomed to it, nude beach vacations are a good way to express your self-confidence and embrace your primitive self, while having fun. There are many locations where you can attend nude beaches. Europe contains too many to name. But one choice that is ideal is Orient Beach. An Orient Beach Vacation will leave you with an unforgettable memory for years.

When one thinks of the Orient, he or she thinks of Asia. But despite the Orient word in its name, Orient Beach is no where near Asia. In case you didn’t know, it’s geographically situated in the Caribbean’s. You’ll find Orient Beach on St. Martin. Although there are other beaches there, Orient Beach is by far the most popular and also the largest. Perhaps what gives it its popularity is the fact that tourists go there for nude sunbathing, or just to relax on the beach in your thong or bikini. But just because it allows nudity doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go if you’re not into nude beaches; there’s a second part of the beach that allows for clothing if you choose – the non-French side.

What’s great about Orient Beach besides the nude beach? A trip there, and you’ll find many other things to do to excite you. Water events, an electric nightlife, shopping areas, restaurants offering tasty foods, and inviting bars are just some of the things you can do there. If you’re looking for jewelry, head on over to DK Gems. You’ll be sure to take Orient Beach vacation snaps while there, so make sure you take a camera with you. It should be obligatory. And while you’re on Orient Beach, take a trip to Marine Park. There are many protected species you’ll discover, including rays, dolphins, turtles, and even whales.

What is there to like about Orient Beach itself? You’ll find that the sand is not harsh at all. It’s soft and fine. And its water has almost a silk feeling to it. While you’re out on the beach, you’ll be greeted by waiters and waitresses who carry different kinds of food appetizers and drinks. Talk about service in beach paradise! And you’ll see plenty of live entertainment going on. It’s as if people let their guard down naturally, as they play, dance, and sing. You may have to get used to the peddlers, who can be quite pushy and persistent.  Perhaps you can add them to your Orient Beach vacation snaps!

As for the cost, it’s reasonable. You do have to pay for an umbrella or lounge chair between $5-$10. Beach chairs will cost you around $20. And of course, you have to pay for your meals. But they’re not expensive either. As for lounging, you can stay at a hotel or rent out a villa. Don’t let the cost take away from your memories you’ll revisit on your Orient Beach vacation snaps!

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